How to whitelist our email

Sometimes, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or email client uses filters to block even the emails that you want, like our newsletters, free lessons and special promotions that we run on training courses.

Sometimes these e-mails can be sent to your junk/spam folders which can result in you missing out on valuable information and opportunities.

To prevent this from happening, please add the domain to your safe-sender list.
The instructions on how to do this depend on which email program / service you use.

In addition to the instructions below, we strongly recommend that you manually reply to the email you received from us.

This will signal to your email server that our email isn’t spam.

You can simply reply to our email saying that you received it.


Please contact your IT department and ask them to whitelist the domain.
In addition if you are using Outlook please use the instructions below.


To add an address or domain to Safe Senders in Outlook:
• Select Actions | Junk E-mail | Junk E-mail Options… from the menu in Outlook.
• Go to the Safe Senders tab.
• Click Add….
• Type
• Click OK and click OK again to close the box.


You need to create a filter.
• Find the settings button on the top right of the page
• Click on the Settings button and select Settings
• Click on the Filters Tab and select Create A New Filter
• Enter to the From field and click Create Filter with this search
• Select “Never send it to Spam” (ensure this is ticked on)
• Select “Apply the label”
• Click on “Choose label…”
• Select “New label…”
• Under “Please enter a new label name:” enter Talent Stream and click Create
• Click “Create Filter”

OUTLOOK.COM (formerly

Click on the settings icon (the circular wheel like icon) on the top right hand corner
Click on ‘Options’ from the dropdown
Click on ‘Safe and Blocked Senders’ under ‘Preventing Junk Mail’
Click on ‘Safe Senders’
Type and click on ‘Add to List’


• Click Options > Mail Options >Filters > Create or edit filters
• Click Add
• Enter to the “From header” field
• Select “Move the message to” as “Inbox” in the next field


1. Go to Mail > Preferences from your Mail menu
2. Go to the Rules tab
3. Select Add Rule
4. Give this rule a name such as MUST READ
5. Create a rule that says “If any of the following conditions are met: ‘From’ ‘Contains’” and then paste in “”
6. From the actions, select Move message to mailbox Inbox.
7. Click OK


The principle is the same. There is always a “create a filter” or “add-to-safe list” type of option where you can add “” domain to bypass any spam checks.