Sage Pastel Training Courses

There are over 10 different Sage Training courses available which cover:

  • Different programs i.e. Sage Pastel Partner, Sage Evolution, Sage One and Sage Pastel Xpress, and
  • Different levels i.e. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Please read the rest of this guide for a full explanation of the different course options.

We recommend that you use our Course Finder Tool which will allow us to analyse your needs and recommend the best course for you.

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We are an Authorised Training Centre for Sage and all of the Sage training courses we offer are fully accredited.

On successful completion you will obtain an official certificate from Sage.

You can click here to view our training certificate.

Sage Training Courses by Product

Sage Pastel Partner Courses – the most popular Pastel product.
Sage Pastel Xpress Courses – the “little brother” of Sage Pastel Partner.
Sage Evolution Courses – ERP system designed for large companies.
Sage One Accounting Courses – Online cloud based accounting solution.
Sage Bookkeeping Fundamentals Courses – basic theory course for people with little or no prior bookkeeping knowledge.

Classroom Courses by Location

Sage Pastel Courses in Johannesburg
Sage Pastel Courses in Durban
Sage Pastel Courses in Cape Town

The Ultimate Guide to Sage Pastel Training

What is Pastel Accounting?

Pastel Accounting (also called “Sage Pastel Accounting”) refers to a range of popular accounting software packages that is owned and marketed by a company called Sage. Pastel Accounting was first created a company called Softline which was founded in 1988 and which quickly became a leading player in the South African accounting software market.

In 2003 the Sage Group plc (a British multinational company) bought Softline and it became part of the Sage Group. As a result, products such as Pastel have since been rebranded as Sage Pastel. The Sage Group is the world’s largest supplier of accounting software to small businesses.Guide for success concept, words on blackboard

The different types of Sage software programs vary with regard to their level of functionality and the markets to which they are targeted i.e. some of the programs are more suited for smaller businesses whereas others are aimed at much larger businesses. The Sage range of accounting software products include the following:


This is the most popular and widely used Pastel Product in the market. If you are unsure which Pastel program to learn then this is the recommended option.

NOTE: If you become certified on Pastel Partner you are also automatically certified on Pastel Xpress (below).

Click here for more information on Sage Pastel Partner Courses
Xpress is the "little brother" of Partner i.e. it is a more limited version of Partner. If you complete a Pastel Partner course you will automatically be certified to use Xpress as well.

Therefore, it may be a better option to study Partner instead of Xpress so that if you need to use Partner in the future you won't have to complete another course.

Click here for more information on Sage Pastel Xpress Courses
This is a solution that Sage has developed for much larger businesses and is a full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution which has a number of add on modules available.

Click here for Sage Evolution Courses

This is a SaaS (software as a service solution) i.e. a fully online accounting solution for small businesses where all your company data is stored in the "cloud" i.e. on servers on the Internet.

Click here for Sage One Accounting Courses

Complete the Course Finder Questionnaire

Which Pastel Software Program should you learn?

You should find out from your employer or prospective employer which Pastel program they are running.

If you are not sure which program to learn but want to learn Pastel in order to improve your job prospects and become more marketable then we would recommend SAGE PASTEL PARTNER. This is because it is the most popular and widely used Pastel package in the market.

It is also used in tertiary institutions such as universities to teach the use of accounting software.

If you complete the Sage Pastel Partner course you will automatically be certified to use Sage Pastel Xpress as well (as Xpress is like the “little brother” of Partner)

Finally, once you’ve learnt how to use Sage Pastel Partner you’ll find it easy to learn other accounting software as well (because accounting software packages generally operate on many of the same principles).

NOTE: All the training we provide is on the latest version of the product.

Delivery Methods

There are a number of different ways you can choose to complete your Pastel course – which we refer to as delivery methods.

It is important to note that whichever delivery method you choose you will be studying the same syllabus and you will be writing the the same online exam / assessment (which is administered by Sage on their website). On passing this exam you will receive the official certificate from Sage Pastel.

In other words, the course content, the accreditations, the online assessment and the certificate are the same for all the different delivery methods.
Sage Pastel Computer Class Training
This involves attending a course at Sage's offices in Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town. Once you have attended the course you have up to 6 months to take the online assessment.

We offer a discounted rates on most classroom courses.

This option is ideal for those who need face to face interaction.
Click here for Sage Pastel Courses in Johannesburg
Click here for Sage Pastel Courses in Durban
Click here for Sage Pastel Courses in Cape Town
Pastel Self Study Option
With this option the Pastel accounting training manual will be couriered to you. The manual comes with an educational version of the Pastel Software (on DVD) for you to install on your computer.

You will then work through the learning material on your own. The training manual does include detailed step by step instructions with screenshots.

You have up to 6 months from the date you start the course to take the online assessment.

PLEASE NOTE: This option excludes Online Academic Support and is better suited for those who are knowledgeable on the software and are doing the course mainly to obtain the formal certification.

The Distance and Online learning delivery method (which is explained below) includes online support and is recommended for most people.

Pastel Online and Distance Learning

Pastel Distance and Online  Working
Distance and Online Learning = Self Study (above) + Online Academic Support.

With this option you will receive everything as per the Self Study Option above and, in addition, you will also receive online access to the Talent Stream Student Portal (which is unique to Talent Stream).

In this portal you will be able to post any questions you may have on the course material and a Certified Trainer will answer them for you (and include video recordings of the Pastel Software screens where necessary).

If you need further help a Trainer will also be available to remotely login to your system to assist (e.g. where you have difficulty installing the software).

The portal also includes mock exams that will help prepare you for the online assessment.

This delivery method combines the cost effectiveness of the Self Study option while still ensuring that you have academic support i.e. an expert trainer to turn to if you need any help.

By choosing this option you will be better placed to successfully complete the course.

Please note that this delivery method is only available for Sage Pastel Partner courses (which also encompass the knowledge you need for Sage Pastel Xpress). For other products only the Self-Study is available.

Click here for the comparison table on the Sage Pastel Partner page.

Click here to read more about the Self-Study and Distance and Online Learning Options
Pastel Classroom Training

With this option we will send a certified trainer to your workplace. Or, alternatively we can arrange special training for you at our offices in Parktown.

This option is ideal if you want dedicated attention or where you have at least a few people in your company who need the training.

If you are interested in getting a quote for this then please contact us.

The different levels of training
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

End-user training is available in 3 levels:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced.

Difference courses cover different levels of training.

However, the course names don’t always use these exact terms.

For example, an “Intermediate Course” covers both the Beginner and Intermediate levels.

There are also separate stand-alone Advanced Courses. You cannot register for an Advanced Course alone unless you have previously completed and passed the Intermediate Course.

However, it is possible to register for a “Practitioner Course” which is a combination of the Intermediate and Advanced Courses. A Practitioner course therefore covers the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels all in one course.

Don’t worry if this seems confusing – our course comparison tables will explain to you exactly which levels are covered by each course.

The best way to determine which course you need to take is to use our course finder tool.

Click here to use our Free Course Finder Tool

Is there a Pastel Accounting For Dummies?

There is no “Pastel Accounting for Dummies” book which you can purchase. However, the Pastel training manual you will receive with the Self Study OR the Distance and Learning options is very easy to understand. It includes detailed screenshots of the Pastel screens showing you how to do everything step by step.

What is in the Pastel Training Manual?

In addition to detailed step by step instructions (with screenshots) on how to perform the various functions in Pastel the training manual also comes with:

  • The Pastel software on DVD which you can install on your computer (this is the actual software which comes with an educational licence)
  • An access code for the online assessment. Once you pass the online assessment you will obtain an official certificate from Sage Pastel.
To get an idea of the screenshots that are included in the manual please see the following sample lesson. The video on the page is also an example of the type of video included in the Distance and Online Learning.

SAMPLE LESSON: How to Process a Tax Invoice in Sage Pastel Partner

What are Sage Pastel Accredited Training Centres (ATC’s)

An Accredited Training Centres (ATC) is a training company that has gone through a quality control process with Sage Pastel so that they can provide Accredited Pastel Training (which is training accredited directly by Sage Pastel).

Sage Pastel Authorised Training Centre

What this means is that:

  1. The trainers will be certified Sage Pastel Trainers. In order to obtain the certification trainers need to complete a number of courses (including Advanced Pastel training and a Train the Trainer course) and pass the assessments. Only once they have done so will they be eligible to train others.
  2. Accredited training always uses the official Sage Pastel Training Manual. Therefore, irrespective of which accredited training provider you select, the same course content will be covered.
  3. Accredited training always includes an access code (serial number) which allows you to take the online assessment on Sage’s website for the course you have done. If you successfully pass the assessment you will receive a certificate issued by Sage Pastel.

As an Accredited Training Centre all of the Pastel training provided by us is fully accredited by Sage Pastel and meets the above requirements.

What are the Course Prerequisites i.e. Entrance Requirements

Before you can sign up for any Sage Pastel training you need to make sure you meet the entry requirements i.e. qualifications / knowledge you need to have before you can enrol for a course.

The entry requirements for the Pastel Partner courses are as follows:

  • Bookkeeping NQF Level 3 qualification or Standard 8/Grade 10 Bookkeeping.
  • Computer Literacy at NQF Level 3 or Standard 8/Grade 10 Computer Literacy.
  •  Mathematical Literacy or Standard 8/Grade 10 Mathematics.

It is important to note that you do need to know the fundamental concepts of bookkeeping (such as debits and credits, VAT and so on) in order to learn how to use Pastel software.

Bookkeeping Course

If you don’t meet the bookkeeping requirement above you will need to do the Bookkeeping Fundamentals Course. You can register for this course separately first or you can register for the Bookkeeping Course together with your Pastel course (NOTE: This combined registration is only available for the Self Study and Distance and Online Learning options).

How the Online Assessment and Certificate works

Once you have completed a course (whether it was done in a classroom, on-site, via distance and online learning or self-study) you need to take the online assessment on Sage’s website.

In order to access the assessment you will need to register a unique serial number (which will be issued to you when you start your course) on the Sage website.

You do not go into a training centre to take the assessment but will do it from wherever you are (e.g. home or work). All you need is a proper working internet connection.

You have up to 6 months to complete this assessment from the time you start your course.

3d illustration of paper scroll with golden seal and red ribbon

Once you have passed the assessment a certificate will be issued electronically to you by Sage. You will receive it within minutes of passing the assessment.

There is no additional cost for the assessment or the certificate – it is included in the cost of the course.

However there a few important things to note about the assessment:

  • The pass mark depends on the particular course but is usually 75%.
  • If you don’t pass the assessment there is an additional fee of R550 to re-take it.
  • You only get 2 attempts in total. If you fail both times you need to re-do the course in a classroom setting.

Therefore, it is quite important to make sure you are well prepared before taking the assessment.

If you are looking at learning Sage Pastel Partner then make sure to choose a training option that comes with access to the Talent Stream Student Portal as this will help you prepare well for the exam.

Questions on Self Study and Distance and Online Learning

Which is more recommended – the Self Study option or the Distance and Online Learning option?

Generally speaking we would recommend the Distance and Online Learning option (over the Self Study option) as it will provide you with a better preparation for the online assessment and significantly increase your chances of passing the first time around.

Also, it is comforting to know that a qualified trainer will be available to answer your questions if you need any help.

How long will it take to receive my learning material?

We usually dispatch the learning material within 1 day of receiving payment. You will receive a tracking number which you can use to check the status of your delivery online. If you are in a major centre you can expect to receive delivery by courier the next day. If you are in an outlying area it usually takes 2 days.

Are there separate charges for the delivery of the material ?

No, the courier charges are included in your course fee.

How long will it take me to complete the distance and online learning course?

You can choose to take anywhere from 1 week up to a maximum of 6 months to complete the course (and take the online assessment). It all depends on how much time you are able to dedicate to learning the material.

Click here for the explanation of the Distance and Online Learning option.

Testimonials from Past Students

quote-red I’d like to take this opportunity to commend Talent Stream on their excellent service when I booked my Pastel course through them.The booking process was very easy and they were very efficient in booking my course and sending me correspondence regarding the course.

I also really appreciated the good discount they gave me.

I would definitely book another course through them.

Shehnaz Suleman CA(SA)
Completed the Pastel Partner Intermediate Course in Johannesburg
I needed to have knowledge on Pastel to open up new opportunities for myself. While searching the Internet I came across Talent Stream.What got me was the affordability of the course and the fact that I could do it from home. Zunaid was very helpful no matter how many times or at what time I phoned.

Just before I did my online exam they brought the mock exam in. This really helped a lot to prepare for the real thing. I passed with ease.

Thank you I will look into all the other courses you provide.

Beulah Fourie
Completed the Pastel Partner Intermediate – Distance Learning Course
I came across Talent Stream when I was looking for a Pastel training course online. It appealed to me because I could study at my own pace from home and then do the assessment online when I was ready.As long as you have an understanding of bookkeeping, learning Pastel, whether in a class or distance learning, won’t be difficult.

When I had a question or a problem, Zunaid would reply to my e-mail or return my call as soon as he was able and help me with it.

I would definitely recommend and consider using Talent Stream again in the future.

Dina Concalves
Completed the Pastel Partner Intermediate – Distance Learning Course
quote-red Thank you for this great program, it’s affordable, it shows you step by step how to install and use the software, making it easy to understand.It’s great to do it via the distance learning option, I did it at my own time, speed and in the convenience of my own home. 🙂

Zunaid Khan was an awesome tutor!!! The mock assessments was the cherry on the cake, it helped me to prepare for my assessment.

Thank you very much!!!!

Maralize Meyer Smit
Completed the Pastel Partner Intermediate – Distance Learning Course