Sage Pastel Self Study Courses

This page lists all the Sage Pastel courses available via Self Study.
If you are interested in other delivery methods OR need advice on which course to take please click here.
Self Study courses are effectively home study / distance learning courses. They include the training manual, free delivery / courier of the training manual (anywhere in South Africa), the Sage online assessment and issuing of the Certificate of Competence on passing the assessment.

However, they do not come with any academic support. Our distance and online learning courses do come with online academic support i.e. if you need help a qualified Pastel Trainer will be available to help you.

In other words, Distance and Online Learning = Self Study + Online Academic Support.

The distance and online learning courses include mock assessments and other additional benefits. Please click here for the Distance and Online Learning Courses (NOTE: Only available for Sage Pastel Partner, Xpress and Bookkeeping Fundamentals).

All savings listed are calculated with reference to the retail price of the classroom course.

Pastel Partner Intermediate V14Self StudyDownload Course OutlineR3900 incl. VAT
60% saving
Register now
Pastel Partner Practitioner V14Self StudyDownload Course OutlineR5500 incl. VAT
55% saving
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Pastel Partner Advanced V14Self StudyDownload Course OutlineR2000 incl. VAT
59% saving
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Pastel Xpress Practitioner V14Self StudyDownload Course OutlineR2500 incl. VAT
66% saving
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Sage Bookkeeping FundamentalsSelf StudyDownload Course OutlineR1600 incl. VAT
67% saving
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Course Bundles (Distance and Online Learning)

A course bundle is a package of 2 courses (the Sage Bookkeeping Fundamentals course + a Pastel course)
that you can register for at a discounted price. Click here to download the Sage Bookkeeping Fundamentals Course Outline.

Sage Bookkeeping Fundamentals
+ Pastel Partner Intermediate V14
Self StudyPartner Intermediate Course OutlineR4900 incl. VATRegister now
Sage Bookkeeping Fundamentals
+ Pastel Partner Practitioner V14
Self StudyPartner Practitioner Course OutlineR6500 incl. VATRegister now
Sage Bookkeeping Fundamentals
+ Pastel Xpress Practitioner V14
Self Study Xpress Practitioner Course OutlineR3900 incl. VATRegister now

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