How to create a Tax Invoice in Sage Pastel Partner

We are going to learn how to create a Tax Invoice in Sage Pastel Partner.

We have included a video lesson as well as screenshots with instructions below the video.


To clearly see the details on the Pastel Partner screen it is advisable to watch the video below in full screen mode. To do so, click on the full screen icon in the lower right of the video player i.e. the one next to the letters “HD”.

Screenshots with Instructions

You can click on the screenshots below to view them in full screen mode. This will allow you to see the details of the Sage Pastel Partner Screen more clearly.

When you click on a screenshot it will open a new tab in your browser. Once you have viewed it please close the tab to get back to this page.

Using the demo company, we will be invoicing the customer “Software Expert” for the following items:

  • 250 Gig Hard Drive (the customer purchased 2 of these). Selling price of R1000 excl. VAT each.
  • Communication Software V9 (the customer purchased 1 of these). Selling price of R1500 excl. VAT each.

To start the process select Process…Customers from the menu bar.

Pastel Partner Screen - Main Menu - Process Customer Documents
Pastel Partner Screen – Main Menu – Process Customer Documents

This will bring up the following screen.

In the Document Type Field make sure that Tax Invoice is selected from the drop down list.

Pastel Partner Screen - Tax Invoice Screen
Pastel Partner Screen – Tax Invoice Screen

Tab until you get to the Customer Field and click on the Zoom Button (which is the magnifying glass icon)

Then select “Software Expert” from the list of customers that come up on the Customer Zoom screen and press the Enter key on your keyboard or click on the =Select button.

This will now populate the fields such as the Delivery Address with the selected customers details.

Pastel Partner Screenshot - Zoom on Customer
Pastel Partner Screenshot – Zoom on Customer

Press Tab until you get to the Date field and confirm the date.

Tab to the Customer Ref and enter the reference number that the customer provided for this order.

Continue to press the Tab key until you come to the Code Column.

Click on the Zoom button and select the item HD/250 250 Gig Hard Drive and then click on the = Select button.

Pastel Partner Screen - Process Tax Invoice - Inventory Zoom
Pastel Partner Screen – Process Tax Invoice – Inventory Zoom

You will be back on the Tax invoice screen. Tab to the Quantity column and enter 2 which is the quantity sold of this item.

As this inventory code has serial numbers Pastel will prompt you to select the serial numbers of the specific items which were sold. Items such as hard drives will have their specific serial numbers stored in the system when they are initially purchased. A typical reason for this is for warranty purposes. If the customer brings the item back because it is defective the company will be able to confirm that it is the exact Hard Drive that was sold to that customer as the serial number was recorded when the item was sold.

Continue to Tab until you reach the next line.

IMPORTANT: If you want to save a line that you have entered you must tab to a new line before it will be saved. If you don’t tab to a new line then the line will not be saved.

You can now enter the details of the next item which was sold. i.e. the Communication Software V9.

Enter the details of this item.

Note that the Total of the invoice on the bottom right automatically updates as you change quantities and add new items.

Pastel Partner Screen - Process Line items on Tax Invoice
Pastel Partner Screen – Process Line items on Tax Invoice

Once you are done adding all the items click on the Next Document button on the lower right.

This will bring up the print window to print the invoice.

For the purposes of this training we will not be printing the invoice so you can click on Cancel.

Pastel Partner Screen - Update Batch -Tax Invoice
Pastel Partner Screen – Update Batch -Tax Invoice

Remember, that the invoice you just completed (together with other invoices) will sit in the batch until the batch is updated.

Only once the batch is updated will the General Ledger be updated.

To update the Batch click on the Batch button and select Update.

Pastel Partner Screen - Update Batch -Tax Invoice
Pastel Partner Screen – Update Batch -Tax Invoice

That concludes the lesson.

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66 thoughts on “How to create a Tax Invoice in Sage Pastel Partner”

  1. What I see from the demo video is that the G/L is only updated after the Batch has been posted.
    So only after this the stock levels are updated?
    What if we have 4 hard drives in stock at the start of day and we keep the batch open until end of day, but in the mean time we invoice 5 HD’s to 5 different customers?
    Will this be allowed or will we be warned that we are out of stock?

    Issue 2: Why must we enter the retail/Selling price?
    Should it not be automatically be picked up from the Inventory/Stock file?

    1. Hi Eugene

      The system does take into account sales from batches not updated so it will warn you that there is no stock i.e. it won’t just allow it.

      You can setup the system to pick up the pricing from the Inventory file.

      Kind regards

  2. Jacob Mashala

    hi, It is useful to me.
    Please help me on how to reverse the tax invoice
    Kind regars,

    1. Hi Marcelo

      There is a Form Designer within Pastel that you will use to make any changes. This is covered in our Practitioner course.

      Kind regards

  3. Hi Guys, what if you are a company that is into services how do invoice a client in pastel partner. NB we do not sell any products so no inventory.

    1. Hi David

      You setup the Inventory Item as a Services Item. There are other settings on the inventory item you also need to consider as this impacts on the General Ledger reporting as well (if you have both services and inventory). This is covered in detail in the Sage Pastel Partner Practitioner and Intermediate courses.

      You can see more here:

      Kind regards

  4. Hi

    After i did my invoices and a printed and updated or batch, is it possible to go back to the invoice and change a date?

  5. The course is not complicated , in everything one must focus on what he is studying for the best feedback thank you for this sample course . Now i have got a clear view of what expecting studying

  6. confuscioussherry

    I have the whole processing of an invoice sorted…what im missing is my company details when I actually print the invoice…how to I ensure my company details are included on the invoice I want to issue to a client

    1. Hi Sherise

      These should automatically be pulled through as you should have included your company details when you did the initial company setup.

      The standard forms included with Pastel will automatically print your company details on the invoice. So unless you are using a customised form there should be no issue.

      We do offer support at an hourly rate where we can remotely login to your computer using Teamviewer software. Please fill in the contact form if you require this.

      Kind regards

  7. hey
    i entered wrong figure on the invoice is it possible to reverse or delete the transaction?

    1. It is if you haven’t updated the batch. If you have then you need to process a credit / journal.

  8. Did I do something wrong,in my invoice the quantity column is blocked out and I can not add a quantity,your help herein would be greatly appreciated

    1. Hi Barend

      I can’t say for sure without looking at your system.

      It may be because you are allocating to a GL code instead of an inventory item.

      We do offer online support. Please complete the contact form if you would like to enquire about this.

      Kind regards

  9. Grrrrrrrrrrreat stuff so easy to learn and understand. Its like spoonfeading a baby.totally excited Great work guyz. I feel like doing this course.

  10. I am a bit confused with this statement. “IMPORTANT: If you want to save each line that you enter you must tab to a new line. If you don’t tab to a new line then the line will not be saved and processed.”
    It only saves if you tab to a new line, however it then states that if you don’t tab to a new line, it won’t be saved but processed?
    Can you explain this in a bit more detail?

    1. Thanks for this feedback Liana. We meant to say that it will not be saved and will also not be processed. I’ll edit this line to make it clearer.

      In other words, if you want to include a line on an invoice you must tab to the next line for it to be included.

      I hope that’s clearer.

  11. Wow looks so easy. Wanted to know if Sage Pastel is being used mostly in the working environment?

    1. Thanks for the feedback Sharon.

      Sage Pastel Partner is definitely one of the most widely used accounting software packages in the work environment.

      Please feel free to let me know if you have any further questions.

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