Why you need access to the Talent Stream Student Portal

In this post we explain what the Talent Stream Student Portal is and why having access to it will help you pass your Sage course the first time around.

Access to our Student Portal is included with our Distance and Online learning courses.

With the classroom / virtual courses it does cost a small additional fee to obtain access but it can save you from having to repeat the course and is well worth it for this reason.

Note: Virtual courses are those run on fixed dates via Microsoft Teams. These are different from the Distance and Online learning which you do at your own pace.

Attending a classroom / virtual course is not enough

When you register for any Sage classroom / virtual course you don’t automatically receive your certificate after attending the course.

In order to obtain the official certificate from Sage you need to pass the online assessment / exam which is on the Sage website.

You can take this assessment from home (or anywhere else that you have internet access) after you have attended the classroom course. You are given up to 6 months from the date that you attended the course to take the assessment.

When you are in the classroom / virtual classroom the facilitator will go over all the course material with you. However, most people will not be ready to take the assessment immediately after attending the course. They will need to go home and revise all of the work first.

The pass mark for the assessment is 75% for Sage Pastel courses. So even a mark of 70% is a fail. Therefore you need to make sure that you know your work well before taking the assessment so that you can score 75% or higher.

Failing the assessment is costly

If you fail the assessment, it costs R950 to re-take the assessment. If you fail multiple times you will be required to re-attend a classroom course (which can cost R9000+) before you will be allowed to take the assessment again.

Therefore, you can see that it is costly to fail the assessment and important to be well prepared before you take the assessment.

The Student Portal can help you

The Talent Stream Student portal includes a number of support tools to help you pass the exam the first time around.

Our Student Portal contains comprehensive mock exams that you can practice on before taking the final exam on the Sage website.

The mock exams will give you a very good idea of how well prepared you are before taking the final exam. It will highlight for you which areas you need to work on further.

Then, if there are areas that you need further help with, you can post your questions on the Forum in the Student Portal and a qualified trainer will assist you.

This way you will give yourself the best chance of passing the first time around.

If you are on our distance and online learning programs access to the Student Portal is automatically included as this is how we support our distance learning students.

If you register for a classroom course or virtual course it isn’t automatically included but it is available for a small additional fee.

If you want to obtain your certificate the first time around we highly recommend that you include it.

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  1. Hi Zunaid I just completed my online advance course, but now I need a mock exam so that I can write on Monday 9/12/2019. But all in all I am enjoying the course.

    S. Mzamo

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Thats great stuff Sibuyile.

      As a registered student with us, you have access to the mock exams in the student portal.

      I will re-forward to you the login details.

      Kind regards

  2. From what I can understand above, it is important to do so. Considering you need 75% to pass.

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Yes it definitely is.

  3. Im interested in doing whatever is needed to pass my pastel course i never worked on it before and is a beginner im not planning in becoming a accountant i just need to know whats needed for a admin of personal assistant job. Please advise me where to begin and i refer a class attend as i need assistance with questions.

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