How to Create a New Company in Sage Pastel Partner


In this lesson we look at how to create a new company in Sage Pastel Partner.

This is the first thing you need to do after installing Pastel Partner.

We have a video as well as screenshots with instructions below the video.


Click on File -> New

Step 1 - File New

Enter a New Company Name and select “Use Setup Assistant”

Step 2 - Enter Company Name and Select Setup Assistant

Read through the introduction and click Next

Step 3 - Setup Assistant Intro Screen

Enter the Company Details

Step 4 - Company Information

Select the Date Format

Step 5 - Date Format

Enter the details of the Financial Periods to be used

Step 6 - Start and End dates of financial periods

Enter the number of periods

Step 7 - Period Setup Continued

Select which type of Chart of Accounts to create

Step 8 - Chart of Accounts

Enter details for each of the cash books to be created

Step 9 - Cash Books

Enter details for any Inventory Price lists to be created

Step 10 - Inventory Price Lists

Enter default Customer Terms

Step 11 - Default Customer Terms

Select whether customers should default to Open Item or Balance Forward

Step 12 - Open Item vs Balance Forward

Select the type of paper you will be printing on

Step 13 - Document Printing

Click on Process to create the company

Step 14 - Create Company

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  1. Thank you it was clear and understandable

  2. thank you for such a straightforward instructions

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Thank you for the feedback Precious.

  3. SAMSON CHALWE says:

    Fantastic! the explanations and illustrations are clear and on point. Thank you very much. I can’t wait to register for a full course

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      You’re welcome. We look forward to having you on-board

  4. You make this whole sage thing easy to understand I am encouraged to go to another further with sage.

  5. Moses Zinyemba says:

    How do I register to become a student

  6. Sibongile MLAMBO says:

    Thank you so much this has enough information especial when you once studied pastel I am grateful and will make use of it

  7. Naledi Tau says:

    It is interesting and very helpful.Thank you

  8. Fantastic! I cannot wait to start the course..thank you!

  9. The video was very much easy to understand cant wait to register so i can register myself to do the practitioner sage pastel partner.

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      We look forward to having you on board Martha.

  10. Please could you advise how do I link a T/A company to the main company? The Customer invoices are different. Thank you.

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Noloyosi

      If you are registered as a student please post this on our student portal and we can assist further.

      Kind regards

  11. Hi, I like what I see!
    Video is very informative and easy to follow (great pace and clearly illustrated)
    1. Is the R6500 online course presented in the same way or just hardcopy/PDF steps?
    2. Maybe I missed, but can I setup ONE Template company and then copy/paste to make 50 clients work on same:
    a. G/L accounts numbers and descriptions
    b. Assets types (diff values obviously)
    c. Inventory items (Hospitality industry – Beverages sold)
    d. Service items (Hospitality industry – Accommodation, Meals, Transport supplied)

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Eugene

      The answers to your questions are:

      1. Yes, we have video for all the functions – over 15 hours for the Practitioner course.
      In addition you also receive a hard copy manual.

      2. Yes you can setup one template company and create a copy of it each time.

      Kind regards

  12. Good day
    I have started the setup process of our company but should I get all the information from the accountant first before I load the suppliers and customers as well as the financial information.

    How should I go by doing this.


    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Valerie

      It is good practice to get all the company setup information first before loading suppliers and customers.

      The full company setup is covered in either the Practitioner or Intermediate courses.

      You can find further details here:

      Kind regards

  13. How would you edit the general ledger account to accommodate the clients needs? explaining the general ledge account and sub-account you will create for inventory.

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Lebo

      You create various categories / groupings of inventory items (depending on the particular business) and you then link these groups to the different GL accounts / sub-accounts.

      This is covered in detail in the Practitioner or Intermediate course, where we look at how to integrate Inventory into the General Ledger.

      Kind regards

  14. Nozuko Bashe says:

    thank you so much about this information i just received it really worked for me, I’ve long been look for a tutorial on this.
    how can i get more lessons on pastel like:
    Setup Supplier Control, Setup Supplier Documents, Setup Customer Control and Defaults.
    Creating Supplier Account, Customer Account and Inventory List

  15. Hi,

    How do I view my company details after creating it?

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Lorraine

      You will find it under the SETUP menu option.

      Kind regards

  16. Can you please explain to me step by step how do I process opening balances in pastel?

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Ally

      This is a multi-step procedure which first involves bringing on the Trial Balance and then bringing on detailed customer, supplier and inventory balances using separate journals. There is also a procedure you need to follow to bring on the cash book and the bank reconciliation.

      It is covered in detail in the Practitioner Course so please have a look at that.

      Kind regards

  17. Thank you. very clear instructions.

  18. Goodness Gasa says:

    These lessons are very helpful, for they prepare me for my test ?

  19. So easy to use and clear information.
    Thank you so much

  20. Very helpful. thank you

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      You’re welcome Cornel.

  21. it was very helpful

  22. If I made a mistake in creating a company, then deleted it, how do I create another one?

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Nomfusi

      You just follow the same procedure to create the company again.

      Kind regards

  23. Thanks. This is very helpful.

  24. HI
    I am stuck – setup Financial categories – sole acces mode???

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Jacqui

      Unfortunately, I cannot tell from your comment what could be causing the problem.

      Please note that this is a sample lesson to give you an idea of what is covered in our courses.

      You can read more about the courses here:

      If you are already registered as a student with us please post in the Student Portal and we can assist you there.

      Kind regards

  25. Thuli Nkala says:

    This video is amazing wow

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