How to find a Job with Sage Pastel

If you are considering a Sage Pastel qualification you may be wondering how useful it is when finding a new job.

What you should know is that Sage Pastel Partner is one of the most widely used accounting packages in South Africa and Pastel skills are in high demand.

In this post we show you how to find jobs (from junior to senior level positions) that require Pastel.

Go to Google and search for "Pastel Jobs".

You will then find a number of job portals where you can search through all their jobs which have the keyword "Pastel" in them.

For example, click on the link below to go to Career Junction and see the latest jobs listed which require Pastel (from Accountant Roles all the way to Financial Management roles)

You can also check PNet, another large jobs portal by clicking on the link below:

So give it a try. There are many other portals to check such as

For these please search for the keyword “Pastel”.

Also make sure to check Gumtree. Select the Jobs Category and search for the keyword “Pastel”

Are there any additional job portals that you know of that I didn’t list above?

Please list them in the comments below.

Please also share this on social media (using the links below) so that others may benefit.

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26 thoughts on “How to find a Job with Sage Pastel”

  1. Hello,

    I am a Bcom Strategic management graduate and am interested in doing one of these courses. Which one would be suitable for me? I am interested in the basics of using PASTEL mostly but if there are other things I can learn as well, it would always be beneficial. So, please kindly advice ??????.

    Ms Marcus

  2. Hi, I’m Nonsi.
    I have a Bcom Accounting degree, which pastel course can I do that sets me apart?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Nonsikelelo

      The Pastel Partner Practitioner course is the best one to do i.e. covers everything from Beginner to Advanced and that would set you apart.

      Kind regards

  3. Hello

    I have a Diploma in Business and Diploma in Accounting & Finance. Please advice on which Pastel courses I can study to increase my chances of employment.

  4. Hi, I have a national diploma in internal Auditing, which Pastel course would you advise me to study to increase my chances of employment?

    1. Hi Andi

      You can do either the Pastel Partner Practitioner course (best and most comprehensive) or the Pastel Partner Intermediate course.

      Kind regards

  5. hi
    i have completed my sage partner intermediate and my business cloud payroll what course should i do next?

    1. Hi Kwami

      I would recommend the Pastel Partner Advanced course so you can can qualify as a practitioner.

      Kind regards

  6. Hie there. I have Honours in Financial Management and more than 15 years experience. I have done books to Trial balance on Pastel. My only challenge is that i am working in the non-profit industry where contracts are always short term. I need a more stable engagement. Which Pastel package should i opt for.

  7. I have human resources management N4- N6 and waiting for my diploma, I also have Financial Management which pastel course may I take to increase my chances of getting a job

    1. Hi Pulane

      The Practitioner course is the most comprehensive one.

      Please complete the contact form (see link at top) and one of our consultants can advise you.

      Kind regards

  8. shireen mynhardt

    Hi, I would like to do other companies that has no offices their bookkeeping from home. What package should I use?

    1. Hi Shireen

      You could use either Sage Pastel (Partner or Xpress) or you could use Sage Business Cloud Accounting (formerly Sage One).

      If you are doing it for many companies then Sage Pastel (Partner or Xpress) will be more cost effective.

      Kind regards

  9. Wisani Nukeri

    Good day

    I have a BTech in Finance and Accounting, I would like to enroll in a sage course but unsure which one I can take.

    1. Hi Wisani

      We have sent you an email. Please reply to that with your telephone number and we will be in touch to help you.

      Kind regards

  10. hi

    I’ve been working on pastel for 13 years already with no certificate.

    i would like to get qualified and also need to learn the general ledger side of pastel

    i can do debtors and creditors but need to learn how to process general ledger

    what course would i need to take to become qualified


  11. Hey I’m Lumka Machithi,I have B-Tech in Taxation. I like to know eroll for pastel caurse to increase my job opporturnities as every course I see Clearkles requires patel.

  12. I have a damelin diploma in bookkeeping.can you please advice me on which pastel course to study. I want to increase my chances of being employed

      1. Hie, I’m looking for post graduate courses to add to my Marketing qualifications, which aspect of pastel do I need to study, that is relative to a marketer. I have been noticing alot of Sales analyst positions requiring knowledge of pastel

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See how easy it is to learn Sage Pastel Partner by getting some free lessons to start with.

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