The Process to Complete your Sage Course

In this post we will cover the step by step process you need to follow to complete your Sage Pastel course and get your certificate.

Remember: on completing any of the Sage courses we offer you will receive an official certificate directly from Sage. This is the very best certification that anyone can get on a Sage product.

Before you read this make sure you have read through the training guide so that you understand the differences between the different courses and that you know which course to do.

Now we will cover the process for completing a Distance and Online Learning or Self Study course and then we will cover the Classroom courses.

Distance and Online Learning / Self Study

Step 1 – Register for the course

Step 1 is to register on our website for the course. When you register you will have the option to make payment via EFT or Credit Card (which uses the Payfast secure payment system).

You can start at any time. There are no set start dates for the Distance and Online learning courses.

PLEASE NOTE: The courses do have pre-requisites which you should check on the course outline.

We don’t require you to provide proof of your qualifications or any certificates to show that you do meet the pre-requisites. You need to ensure on your own that you do meet these requirements. If you are unsure then please contact us.

Step 2 – Delivery of your Learning Material

Once we receive payment we will courier the official Sage learning material to you which includes a training manual as well as download links for the Sage software.

Please note that this is an educational licence which is fully functional but is not meant for commercial use. This allows you to install the software on your computer for the purpose of completing the course.

In other words you don’t need to have the software in order to do the course. It is provided to you as part of your course material.

You will also receive a unique serial number that will allow you to register on the Sage website for the online assessment when you are ready to take the final exam (further details included in Step 6 below).

Depending on where in South Africa you are based it will usually take 1-3 working days for the learning material to get to you.

Step 3 – Access to the Student Portal (for students on the Distance and Online learning programme)

If you are registered for our Distance and Online learning option you will be provided with login details to the Talent Stream Student Portal.

Please note: the Self Study option does not come with access to the Talent Stream Student Portal – only the Distance and Online Learning option does. This is the key difference between these 2 training options.

Step 4 – Go through the Learning Material

You will start working through the training guide which includes detailed screenshots and step by step instructions on how to perform the different functions using the software.

If you need help you will be able to post any questions in the Student Portal (provided you are on the Distance and Online learning option) where a qualified trainer will assist you.

If required, we will record a video answer for you. See the following example:

Video: How to Process a Shareholder Loan

You can work at your own pace though the material. You have up to 6 months before you have to write but you can finish quicker if you wish e.g. nothing stops you from finishing in one week. It all depends on how much time you have available to study.

Typically you can budget on the following number of hours to go through the material the first time:
Sage Pastel Partner Intermediate – 24 hours
Sage Pastel Partner Practitioner – 36 hours

If you already have experience using Pastel it can take you less time.

Step 5 – Prepare for the Sage Online Assessment

The next step is to take the exam which is an online assessment on Sage’s website. You will take this assessment from home or anywhere else that you have internet access. In other words, you don’t go into any training centre to take the exam.

Before you take the online assessment you will want to revise your work thoroughly.

The pass mark for Sage exams are 75% for Sage Pastel Partner courses and 80% for Sage Evolution courses. Therefore you need to revise your work throughly and be well prepared before you take the online assessment.

Your course fee includes your assessment fee.

PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t pass it the first time there is an additional fee of R650 to retake the assessment. Furthermore, if someone fails two times they are then required to attend a classroom course before they are allowed to take the assessment again.

Therefore, you can see why it is so important to be well prepared.

In the Talent Stream Student Portal you will have access to a comprehensive mock exam that you can use to test your knowledge before taking the final exam on the Sage website.

You can take this mock exam as many times as you like (it mixes up the questions each time) and it will show you which areas you need to work on further before taking the actual exam.

If you have any further questions or things which are not clear at this stage you can post on the Student Forum’s for assistance.

This makes it an incredibly valuable learning tool.

Please note that if you do attend a classroom course the fees listed don’t automatically include access to the Student Portal (which has the mock exam and support). However you can purchase access for an additional fee (which you will see on the registration page when completing your registration).

Step 6 – Taking the Sage Exam

In order to take the exam you will go to the Sage website and create a personal profile.

You will also register the unique serial number that will have been issued to you in Step 2 above.

You will receive instructions via email on how to do this or, if you have access to the Student Portal (i.e. you are on the Distance and Online Learning) there is a video in the Portal demonstrating the process.

Step 7 – Getting your certificate

Once you’ve passed your online assessment Sage will immediately email you your certificate i.e. it is issued electronically. And that’s it – you will be officially certified !

Classroom Course Process

The classroom course follows the same process as above with the following differences:

Instead of going through the training manual at home you will do so in a class where an instructor will take you through it.

Once you have completed attending the classroom course you will need to go home and revise all your work before taking the online assessment for your certification.

The assessment process is the same i.e. you will take it at home online within 6 months of completing the course.

The Talent Stream Student Portal will also be helpful for you. However, it is not included in the default pricing but optionally available at an additional charge.

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  1. Thembekile says:

    Hey ,what steps should I take to write the pastel mock exams

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Thembekile

      The mock exams are specifically for Talent Stream registered students.

      If you are registered with us you will find them on our Student Portal.

      Kind regards

  2. Hi if a year pass and you haven’t write the exam. How much fee you required to pay for sage pastel intermediate partner?

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Pelokazi

      The price is under R1000 and changes from time to time. Please contact us for latest pricing if you are registered with us.

      Please note also that going forward the first rewrite is at no charge.

      Kind regards

  3. Margaret van Niekerk says:

    For how long will I have access to the videos after registering for the Intermediate and Advanced courses? Eg. is access barred after, say, 6 months or 1 year?

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Margaret

      We guarantee access for 1 year. In practice, we don’t barr access at any point.

      Kind regards

  4. What is next after getting the certificate?, what does the certificate help you with ?, what are the different stages of this course ?, which course will get you a hard copy certificate that does not expire and i was told told to do Pastel Accounting is this the write thing that i did Pastel Partner V17 Internediate, i am a little confused with this whole thing please help.

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Brian

      Please complete our contact form and a consultant will get in touch to advise you.

      Kind regards

    2. Hallo
      I am considering doing your Pastel Practitioner course, but I am a bit confused re above comment (Brian 2/12/19 – 9:51). On completion (and hopefully passing of exam), is there an expiration date after which e-mailed certification is no longer valid?

      1. Zunaid Khan says:

        Hi Johlene

        The certificate doesn’t expire.

        However, there are new versions of the software introduced from time to time.

        There are usually no major differences between the versions.

        For example, the way you create an invoice, setup a company, etc hasn’t changed over the last 5 years.

        Some new functions in the software may be introduced from time to time.

        If you have completed a course, you can do an update course and write the exam for the new version when it comes out (if you so wish).
        This usually costs around R700.

        However, generally speaking, the changes are usually so minor and most people don’t do so.

        Hope that answers your question.

        Kind regards

  5. Good day. I already passed the the practitioner courses. Now i would like to finish the rest of the courses with the aim of becoming an expert in sage pastel products and start my own ATC here in Namibia. My question is do i need to complete all courses with you guys or only some of the modules apply in Namibia?

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Erick

      Its the same process whether you are in SA or Namibia.

      Kind regards

  6. Khanyisile shiba says:

    Im willing to register with you guyz and im in Eswatini (Swaziland). Can you qoute for me both classroom and the portal. The practitioner course

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Khanyisilie

      We will be in touch with you shortly.

      Kind regards

  7. That’s a good program want to do it and I also wanted to find out about how long does the certificate be valid if passed exam.

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Joskin

      It doesn’t really expire as such.

      There are new versions of Pastel that do come out from time to time.

      However, there aren’t major changes in the software usually and one can write a small update exam if one wishes to be certified on the latest.

      Kind regards

  8. When doing the assessment, what will I need to have access to on a computer? I will need to use an internet café, will it be possible?

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Taryn

      You only need a stable internet connection with an internet browser in order to take the assessment i.e. you don’t need Pastel to be installed on it.

      So yes, you can use an internet cafe (provided they have a stable internet connection of course).

      Hope that answers your question.

      Kind regards

  9. Nqobile madlala says:

    Hy zunaid khan

    I would like to know how much time do I have if I want to rewrite my assessment because I already write it and fail?

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Nqobile

      If you fail twice you have to re-attend a classroom course before you can write again.

      Our mock exams and student portal will prepare you well enough so that you pass the first time around.

      Kind regards

  10. What kinds question do they ask in sage pastel 14

  11. I would like to be able to be certified in giving the pastel course, freelancing. Is this course ideal for me to start up my own freelance business. If you can assist me with this info please.

  12. Hello,
    I am interested in obtaining certification for partner and evo. And I would prefer to do the in class module. I am situated in the west rand of joburg. Could you please send me information on where the courses are available and the price of said courses. I would appreciate some information on this if possible.

    Thanks, Chris

  13. Jaco de Villiers says:

    I would like to be able to be certified in giving the patsel course, freelancing. Is this course ideal for me to start up my own freelance business. If you can assist me with this info please.

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Jaco
      I’ll email you the details.

      Kind regards

      1. Jotam Matariro says:

        Hi Zunaid
        May you please sent me The same details you sent through to Jaco. I would like to do a course and beccertified to train Sage.

        Kind regards
        Jotam Matariro

  14. Cordilia Mercy N Chiunye says:

    Hello,if do online course,is the exam also going to be online,and since you said the certificate will be issued electronically ,does it mean ,I wont be able to get the hard copy?

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Cordilia

      The certificates by Sage are only issued electronically. Even if you do the classroom course you still have to do an online assessment and will receive an electronic certificate via email. This certificate will have your unique serial assessment number on it should any potential employer want to verify the authenticity directly with Sage. You can also print it out yourself in color if you like.

      I hope that answers your question.

      Kind regards

  15. Deborah Chapman says:

    Hi, I have been working on pastel express for about 10 years, we have now upgraded to Pastel Partner mainly for the multy currency option that we required. I would like to know more about this function. I dont have the time to go into a classroom. Can i do this on line through your Distance on line offer?

    I look forward to hearing from you

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Deborah

      You can complete the course on multi-currency from home. I’ll give you a call shortly to discuss.

      Kind regards

  16. Frede Benade says:

    Hi There
    I would just like to enquire, if I do the Classroom course, will the online mock test be availible for me to practise on? If not is there a option for me to get it?


    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Frede

      Yes, access to the online student portal (which includes the mock exam) is optionally available at an additional fee (ranging from R500 to R1000) depending on which course you would like to register for.

      Kind regards

  17. is the certificate printed online only or can i get an posted one. will the online one be used when applying for employment.

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Michael

      Sage only issues certificates electronically i.e. you will receive it via email immediately after passing your online assessment. This certificate will have your unique serial assessment number on it should any potential employer want to verify the authenticity directly with Sage. So you would use the electronic certificate when applying for employment. You can print a hard copy in color if you like.

      Hope that answers your question.

  18. i live in potchefstroom and would like to do the class room course but i see its only offered in JHB, DBN & Cape….whats my next best option…??

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      Hi Tshepo

      The Distance and Online learning program is a very good option. Its fully supported online.

      I’ll email you some details.

      Kind regards

  19. Molaletso says:

    This is a great program, I cannot wait to register..

    1. Zunaid Khan says:

      We look forward to having you onboard Molaletso.

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